Monday, September 16, 2013

Why can't I say NO?!?!

This is a question that I ask myself time and time again when I can't find time to blog, cook, clean or sleep.

Why do i say this? Well, before I dive into that conversation, let me just say how lucky I am. Really! I'm lucky that family hasn't disowned me yet and that my husband hasn't asked for a divorce.

You see, I just can't say no when asked to help out at the school. I'm not talking about the occasional lunch duty or library mom.....I'm talking about starting this school year by saying:

"Yes, I will be willing to be the PTA president."

"Oh, it's a two year commitment? No problem."

"Yes, I can definitely do the monthly newsletter for the high school."

"Yes, I can easily build a whole new website for the PTA."

"Oh and the constant contact thing? I can totally set that up and get it running for two different school districts. No problem!"

"Yes, I will be willing to do the 80+ page playbill/ad journal for the high school musical."

Piece of cake......

Really? What in the world am I smoking? Actually, I don't smoke, but seriously..... what's wrong with me? 

You would think that after spending fours years on the Education Foundation (two of which I was co-president) I would high tail it and run for the hills when approached to help the schools, but in all honesty......I actually enjoy it. 

Ugh! Yes!

I. Enjoy. It.

There, I said it. grumble....grumble....

I enjoy working 80-100 hours a week and not collect a single penny.

I enjoy having one meal a day and have it be a frozen dinner because I'm busy working on PTA stuff.

I enjoy being the only nut who is awake at 4am working on a flier because I can't find the perfect font. Can you say font freak? That's me! The end all be all of font freakism.

No, but seriously, I really do enjoy it. It all makes it worth while when I see the children benefit from something that I was a part of.

And it gives me a way to be creative.....

We had a teacher breakfast the week before the kids came back and I think they really liked it. I put together a little gift from me to them as a small token of my appreciation, with my phone number on it. (That may prove to be a mistake, but so far so good!)

We welcomed the teachers with French toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, Coffee, juice, and fresh fruit.....and of course, French Cafe Music.

Welcome set up for Teacher Breakfast.....

I got this idea from Pinterest....

The feedback I got was amazing! The teachers were so happy to get a warm breakfast and they loved the whole set teacher asked if they could have this everyday - she felt as if she were in France.

So, although I may complain and not get any sleep these next two will be worth it. I love to see the smiles and know that I had a hand in it!

So, to all the PTAs, PPOs and all the other acronyms I can't think of right now....ask me to help, why not...... I'm in a giving mood and here is a little tip.....I can't say no. 


  1. I wish my mom was active in the PTA arena. But then, our PTA doesn't do cool stuff like magazines and teacher breakfasts.

    If you enjoy it, then why say no? Keep going, super-mom :)

  2. Lol, Jules. Littlies grow up so quickly and before long you'll look back on all your hard work and long for more of it because the kids will grow into adults really quickly.

    Very neat idea for the teachers... :)

  3. LOL....I enjoyed it too back in the day; but after a while I got tired of not being able to count on people and I did start learning to say no. You have to at some point. I would start by saying I'm happy to help, tell me what's most important to you and I'll do that; but not all of it. And, it takes practice to stick to it and to learn to delegate. Lots of folks recent people like us, who do it all and feel like we don't give others a chance...that took me a while to get a handle on AND to realize even when it was something I thought I could do better, it's important for others to get involved and have a chance for that same satisfaction. It's been years for me, my DD is soon to be 30 (in a few weeks). I wish you the best of luck...stand in front of the mirror and say the word NO at loud...practice, lol

    Oozing out my ears

  4. Lol, Jules. I so get where you're coming from. I'm even worse. I have probably less than 30 pages of a story to write and I can't get back into it for a lot of the reasons you mention. Time to pull myself up by my bootstraps.


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