Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Date with the Fitness Torturer

It's a dreary rainy day here in my neck of the woods and last night I was up till 2 am writing a post that I'm not sure will ever make it into my blog. Needless to say, I got up at 6:45am and proceeded to get my kids off to school. One by one I would send them off to be educated and I can crawl back into bed. Then it hit me.

I have to go to the GYM! Ahhhhh

A couple of months back I was on this rampage of trying to get healthy. It wasn't a New Years Resolution thingy, because that never works for me....rather, it was something more like "killing two birds with one stone". I figured, that if I got serious about working out, it would not only help me become more fit and healthy, it would also keep me busy enough that I wouldn't be tempted to spend my empty hours at the stores -- especially Anthropologie, Free People and Home Goods.

"Healthy Body = Healthy Pocketbook" right? (does anyone use the word pocketbook anymore?)

Anyway, in my whirlwind of work outs and gym classes, I made the decision to go ahead and sign up with a trainer. 

Now, I'm perfectly capable of sliding a disc in the DVD player or driving myself to a Zumba or exercise class, but my problem is my eventual lack of discipline. I can be all set....sneakers on, disc in, power on - play....ring ring....pause....hello? lunch? sure, I'm not busy, be there in ten....and off I go.

The great thing about my current plan is I have to go! Sure, I can cancel, but that takes effort too.

So, today, I reluctantly dragged myself out of the house, into the cold and dismal day to rendezvous with my Fitness Torturer. Only kidding, this guy is great! (I should actually say kid - he was born the year I graduated High School! Boy, do I feel OLD) Dan is quiet, reserved and totally committed. You have to be to have me as a client. I feel sorry for him, because I am not the easiest of people to train....I try to take the easy way out...I arrive right on time so I can waste some time in the locker room...I cut corners like standing a little more erect than I should, doing push ups from my knees....taking very, very long pauses between reps and scoping out the gym for my friends so I can chat. But, Dan sees all! No matter how much I complain, he just smiles and we move on to the next exercise. If I scream no more, I'm hurts....he just says nope one more, keep going.

This was our conversation after my first session

In all honesty, I'm happy he pushes me. I want to be healthy and darn it, I want to look good in my bikini. 

So, with circles under my eyes, hair in a clip I made my way to the gym. Dan was already there setting up all the wonderful things that I would be doing while in his care. I held my breath, crossed my fingers and hope that I would make it to the end of the hour. I worked hard and in between breaths I was able to mutter...are you kidding me? I don't want to do that...this is way too

When the hour was up, I realized that I was still alive. I thought to myself, okay, not so bad.... in the end it will be all worth it. Summer is coming. I confirmed our next meeting and off I went to sit in the car for an hour while my body recuperated.

While writing this post, I remember that just the other day, my sister asked a question on Facebook..."When is it time to start working our for swimsuit/tank/shorts season?"

The responses were quick,  ranging from: "ummm....last year" to "I've been working on this summers swimsuit season since 1994"

I guess with Spring finally around the corner, we are all starting to primp ourselves....why not. We are as young as we are ever going to be! What are you doing to get fit? Do you have any workout programs you recommend?

If you're the disciplined typed, grab a DVD and pop it in....if, you are like me.....go make a date with a local torturer of your own for an hour.....I made it and I survived....You can too. Now, I need to go shopping! What time does the mall close again?


  1. I am too lazy to get a trainer and too cheap....I thoroughly swear by 30 Day Shred - I see results after a week - not kidding. Recently, my favorite workout is my arms (bowl of food to mouth). You should try that one.

    1. Thanks for reading. Believe me, I'm a black belt at the hand to mouth workout... lol. Love Jillian's 30 day Shred.

  2. I just started the 30 day three days in and took a day off-that was a week ago...looks like I'm not as disciplined as I thought I was! This is the kick-in-the-but I needed to get back at it, thanks!! Lovely blog and I'm subscribed via e-mail.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It's always the same here....I start and then I stop. Totally insane.


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