Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Big Q for a Wannabe Blogger

So here I am, sitting at my kitchen table, taking my leap into the blogging world. Some people may be rolling their eyes and thinking to themselves...ha, another newbie, let's see how long this will last. What can she possibly have to say that will keep me coming back?

In all honesty, I don't know.

All I can offer you are my thoughts and revelations about life as I see it.

One thing going for me as a possible successful blogger is that I truly love words. I love to write, be it poems, essays, school reports (yes, I used to love writing reports in school -- nerd? uh huh, and proud of it!), etc. With this little feather in my cap and the experience I received as an online contributor to a local website a few years back, why not try my hand at blogging?

So, like a good little girl, I did my due diligence, reading about blogs and how to blog, scouring the web for other bloggers and soaking up any sound advice I could find......and to tell you the truth it all became a little daunting. What can I possibly write about? What can I offer people? What will people want to read? I become paralyzed with the fear of trying to figure out what other people will want to read. Soon, I started to second guess my decision. Maybe I shouldn't blog. Who will want to hear the inner rants and raves that fly through my brain? This is not going to work. I can see it now, like many of my other adventures, I would do all the leg work and then .....*crickets chirping, chirping, chirping....nothing! Gulp!

I was beginning to wonder if this was yet another hair brain idea of mine until I woke up this morning and read a post that snapped me back to reality.

If you haven't been to her blog yet, check out Living in Yellow. It is here that Erin asked a very important question, "Who do I write for?"

That question was THE question to ask. It's a very simple question if you think about it, and the answer is very simple, if you take away all other thoughts and desires and really dig down deep to the real reason for blogging. We write for ourselves. I write for me! 

But wait, I would also like to build an audience. So what to do? This is when my movie loving self starts chanting .....If you build it they will come...(a quote from A Field of Dreams). And I smile thinking to myself...that's right, "If you write it they will read!" (my quirky extrapolation, but hey it sounds good to me).

So, to answer the question of "Who do I write for?" My response is simply.... I write for ME!

This is a place for my true thoughts and feelings...the good and the bad...the happy and the sad, because if I don't write from the heart and for myself, it will not be worth reading.


  1. Thank you so much for reading and for your support.

  2. Agreed!! Blogging has been a fun outlet for me, regardless of how "successful" it is:). Alice @ The Owl's Skull

  3. We all are new at some points in our lives. I love writing about anything and everything, if I publish it is another question. I am stopping by from the Newbie Bloggers Club.



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