Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Relaxing Jam-Packed Summer

Summer is just around the corner...and thank God for that...I’ve been counting down the days until my kids are off from school so we can all relax. Haven’t you?

This has been a very long year and somewhat depressing with winter refusing to give up control for so long. However, now that we’ve made it through the cold and dreary months, we can happily pack away the jeans and jackets and throw on a pair of shorts and tank top—or a sundress if you’re like me — to soak up the sun and reenergize.

But, before I can fully relax, there is one more thing I must do....and that is to get the summer schedule set. WHAT?! Summer schedule are you kidding me??

Listen, maybe it’s the mini Tiger mom in me (mind you, I said mini) but, I can’t just have the kids sit at home ALL day and not have something other than computer games to keep them stimulated. I want them to get out and do things that they normally don’t have time to do...such as cutting the grass, walking the dog, weeding the garden, cleaning the garage...oh wait, that’s my list. In all seriousness, although summer is the time to relax, it is also a good time for learning and development.

Now, I’m not the mom who is going to purchase workbooks and assign page after page of math and grammar for each child, because — guess what, I’ve done it before and it never gets done, so this year, I’m not even going to try (told you —“mini” Tiger mom)

Instead, this summer we are really focusing in on things that truly interest the kids. So far we’re looking at tennis (this is pretty much a given in our household), golf, art, cooking class, computer programming and swimming. What are some fun things you are looking at for your kids?

Now, I know that these classes will only occupy a portion of their time each day, so this year I plan to spend the rest of the day at the Indian Trail Club. (We’ve been members at ITC for several years, but in all honesty, we haven’t really used the club at all. It’s beginning to resemble my gym membership!) So, this summer I will be taking (perhaps dragging) my kiddies to the club. In truth, it is a beautiful place... I especially love sitting in the Adirondack chairs looking out onto the’s a great place to just let your mind wander (and think about all the errands and chores that need to be done once you get home).

Now, with all the various activities that we are trying to schedule, we are still planning on heading out of town for some true family fun getaways. This year, as in any years, we are vacationing with the cousins from both sides of the family. Our summer road trips include various places such as Cape May, Spring Lake and Ocean City, MD for starters Have any of you been to Ocean City? Any suggestions on restaurants? (You know I’m all about the food!)

This year, I have also challenged my kids, as well as myself, to think about one thing that they would like to accomplish during the summer (you know, kind of like a New Year’s Resolution thing, which I must say I have not stuck to...bad mommy). This can be anything from learning a new hobby, writing a short story, improving your second serve, reading five books that have been sitting on the counter for months or painting a doesn't really matter. I just thought that it would be nice to have a short term goal for the summer weeks. Plus, it will be fun to see who will actually do it and stick to it. Perhaps we should make a friendly wager...anyone out there up for the challenge?

Well, I hope that your family has a wonderful summer break and if you so happen to see me buzzing around town, driving the kids to their various activities, please stop me and make sure that I didn't forget to schedule in relaxation time into my calendar.

* This is an article I wrote for an online news site

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