Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yes. I am still here. This is the first day of Winter break and I am still here in New Jersey.
When I picked up the kids from school Friday, it was absolutely wonderful, I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back, hear the birds chirping in the trees. I was thinking this may not be so bad. Now, its Saturday morning, I am sitting here typing this column, freezing, listening to the wind howl and watching flurries come down outside my window. Are you kidding me? Flurries?! Didn’t Punxsutawney Phil predict an early Spring? Calgon, take me away (I think I just showed my age with that reference).
I was definitely looking forward to this break, getting away to someplace exotic, yada, yada, yada. However, with all the craziness at home, we really didn’t get a chance to decide on where to go this year. In fact, I don’t even recall the last day I saw my husband. So, needless to say, we are now doing the Stay-cation thing.
All is not lost. The kids of course have plenty to do. They have homework (believe it or not), piano lessons, language class and daily required reading...NOT! Seriously, I’m not that bad. Actually, right now, my two youngest are upstairs playing some type of make believe treasure hunt while my oldest is playing on her iPhone.
In a way I’m kind of glad that we are not rushing off someplace. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to be basking in the sun, Pina-Colada in my hand and enjoying the view on the beach, but to get there….nightmare (plus, have you seen the prices of the airline tickets – geez).
It’s actually very nice to be able to just stay home. No school, no classes, just chilling in our PJs, eating a late breakfast and relaxing. I love just hanging around. Don’t you? I hope that we are not the only family that can stay in our PJs all day long.
This of course doesn’t mean that we are staying within the confines of the home the entire week. I actually do have a plan (or at least a general idea). Once my husband gets home from his trip, we are going to reserve a hotel room in the city, make a reservation in a fun, kid friendly restaurant (I’m thinking Ninja New York) and then spend a good portion of the day at the art museum. Have you done this before? Are there any places that you would recommend? Which art museum would be better for the children?
I must confess. I have never been to any of the art museums in the city. I just never had the time. So, this week I will make the time and take the kids. Which ones are your favorites? MoMA, the Metropolitan or the Guggenheim?  I heard that there is an amazing Egyptian exhibit currently at the Met. I think that’s where we’re headed.
So, this trip to the city will most likely take up about two days of our vacation time plus today and tomorrow (which are our PJ lounging days), that’s four days total…I still have five days left to plan.
Come to think of it, my youngest was invited to go on a play date on Monday, which means my husband and I can spend some much needed quality time with the two older children. With work and school, we really have lost touch with what really counts and that is down time with the kids. I think that a “Father & Son/ Mother & Daughter” day is now on the vacation list of things to do, so that takes care of another day.
I have also been promising my oldest daughter, for months, to help her redo her bedroom. Although I think that her room looks perfectly fine, for some reason a baby pink bedroom is just not cutting it for this FAMS student. So, we need to pick out some “cool” paint colors, buy some furniture and look for fun nick-knacks for the room. This project, I predict, will definitely take up at least 2 solid days of shopping and painting…this could actually be lots of fun! Possibly stressful, but fun in the end.
So now, I am down to about two days left in the Winter break, and I know exactly what we need to do. Since school will be just around the corner, we will need to wind down. Our last two nights of break will consist of family fun movies, board games (I love Life and Othello), lots and lots of popcorn, relaxation and of course my favorite…. PJs.
How much do you love your PJs?
*This is an article that I wrote for an online news site

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