Thursday, April 18, 2013

You Washed What??!!

Read on and you will see......

Now, I haven't mentioned it to you before, but we are embarking on the nightmarish attempt to renovate our kitchen/bath and Florida room all at once. So what does that mean? Psycho mom trying to multitask and be as efficient as possible....scary.... doubly scary, since I am also trying to pump out a poem a day for a challenge I'm participating in.

Anyway, before the contractor can start demolition, I need to pack up the kitchen, bathroom, Florida room and the basement that is located under my Not!

So, the other day after our vacation, I decided that I would quickly get the wash done before the day was out. This way I can pack the basement without all the clothes strewn about. Got lots to do and no time to do it.

The kids helped by throwing their clothes down the laundry chute (which is apparently not legal here anymore....shhhhh) and I did a quick sweep of their rooms because inevitably there is always something that they miss.

I soon separated the monstrous pile that sat in the laundry room and decided to wash the darks first. goes the Tide detergent pod and the darks are on their way to being cleaned.

About an hour later, while I was chatting on the phone (and not paying attention), I unloaded and reloaded the machines and the darks went into the dryer....settings pressed and off I went to pack.

Once the kids went to bed, I made my way to the dryer. I always love the way clothes smell right out of the dryer....and they're soooo warm.....and.....OH MY GOD!!!!

Sitting there all nice and shiny ~ and warm, was my son's.....iPhone! 

I was ready to go upstairs and scream at him, but I soon realized that it could have been in the jeans that were in his room ~ that HE didn't throw down. So, who's to blame?!

Me. Psycho mom.

As I stood there in utter disbelief, I remembered that my friend just recently had to replace her phone because it didn't work after falling into the water for just a few seconds.....and yes, she tried the rice was still messed up.

My son's phone went through wash, rinse, spin.....rinse & spin again and dry on high heat!!!!

What to do? What to do?

Well, after googling possible solutions, I took the SIM card out and decided to let it sit on my nightstand and "dry" for a few days (although it already went through the dryer - how much drier can it get). Ugh....feeling really bad.

The next morning I had to tell my son that the 82 pictures he took of the duck at Universal Studios may be gone....and the 50+ pictures he took of bugs and flowers might also be lost ~ forever. He actually took it very well....hmmmm, could he be maturing? Or, maybe he did throw it down. Very interesting.

Anyhow, yesterday we decided to try out the phone.

My hubby plugged it in and......

It started to charge. Yippee! An hour later, it was back. All the pictures, contact info, text messages, speaker, ....everything, and we didn't lose a single duck. Phew!! The only noticeable thing was on certain images you can make out a few starry lights, but hey, whatever....I'll take that.

Well, I'm so very happy that the iPhone god was kind and merciful. Needless to say, I will remember to check all pockets from now on. We may not be as lucky next time.

Have you ever washed your phone? How about dropping it in the toilet?


  1. OMG. My daughter would kill me. Actually, my Dad would, because he bought the iPhone for my daughter LOL. Glad all worked out well! A

    1. I'm so happy it worked out. I think I would have won the "worst mommy of the year" award ~ he is so attached to his phone.

  2. Phew! You were lucky ! Will not try tp wash my phone in toilet- might vanish forever! Wish you a lot pf patience wirh the renovation!

    1. Thank you. I was warned....we'll see how I do. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow! You were due some good karma for sure!

  4. My teen lost his phone and borrowed mine. He then dropped mine in the toilet, and ruined it. *sigh*

    It was a challenging year for phones.

    Glad to hear your phone made it through a-okay! I'm visiting today from Fun Friday.

    GL w/the house renovations.

    1. can't live without them, but sometimes I wish we could. :) Demolition starts tomorrow. Ugh

  5. Yep. I have a bag of rice on standby. It gets opened up and put in immediately. I've dropped it in the sink while washing dishes!

    Stopping by the Show Off blog hop!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. If ever you do need the rice, make sure you plug up the openings in the phone (just stick in the plugins, but obviously not into the socket) My girlfriend didn't plug up the openings and she was plucking rice out of the holes.....

  6. haah love this. Now your son's phone is nice and clean!

  7. Back again!! Let's just say the phone's in my family are in perpetual insurance renewal. Glad yours was spared. BB2u Thanks for cohosting the Showoff hop.

    1. Thanks for reading and linking up. I'm glad you stopped by again!

  8. oh wow that was scary! Good to know the phone is ok now

    found u on the showoff following everywhere :)
    Hope to see u around


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