Friday, March 1, 2013

Behind the Scene with Jules

I am constantly running around in what my one girlfriend calls the "uniform" and I'm sure there are many a moms out there in the same attire: Yoga pants, long sleeve T's and sneakers.

So, when I get a chance to dress up, I am thoroughly excited...and guess what? We have an event to go to! Our school district has a yearly Dinner Dance and it's actually a lot of fun. Sometimes, there is a dress code or a suggestion for what to wear, but it's not mandatory. This year, I've decided to buck the system (They suggested black or white for the evening event). It's not that I'm a total rebel, but I have this amazing blue dress from Black Halo and well.....I love it!

Now that I've decided on the dress, there are just a few more things that I, shoes, a mani and pedi...ugh! I forgot to make my appointment. Hold on....I'll be right back!!!

Ok, I'm back.

To most people, it's a piece of cake to decide what they want to wear, but for takes a bit longer. Often times, I have in my head exactly what I want to wear - so why does it take so long? Because! It's the fact that I know exactly what I want, which means I usually can't find it when I need it.

My best friend of thirteen years was shocked when she saw the process I went through to put an outfit together. She is the type of girl who's quick with her decisions and wham-bam she's done and she looks amazing. One year, we were headed of to Las Vegas with my sister for a girls weekend. Well, my friend came over the night before the flight and was totally flabbergasted by my packing procedure.

I had everything laid out on the floor in my bedroom, leaving just enough room to hop across the floor. Then, I started what she called the "painful" process of choosing the right shoes, jewelry etc. for each outfit. My poor friend just sat there, mouth opened - shocked and exhausted.

Well....since then, I've gotten a lot better; however, because I still strongly believe that each piece should be chosen carefully, it still takes a while ('s a lot better - believe me.) In the end, if I'm happy with what I've managed to put together, I feel just a bit more confident. I'm not being superficial...I'm just being honest.

Anyhow, I'm set for the school fundraiser...hopefully, I will remember to take pictures from the event and post them later.

I have always believed that if you search carefully, there is always something that can make a woman feel a little bit more beautiful....a tiny bit more glamorous...a smidgen sexier and just a hint more devilish. Here's a peek into my "behind the scenes" necessities for the fundraiser.

These look so beautiful on....just the right amount of glitter

Found these shoes a few years back...finally, I get to wear them!

It took me a VERY long time to find the perfect perfume for me.
Sexy, sexy.... thank you Vera Wang!

Love this color - Dare You. Truly devilish.

Before I leave you for the day, I just want to thank you for reading and visiting my blog.

Please share some of your "behind the scene" loves.

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  1. This is when my sis should be on Style Watch. Take note everyone - although her packing may be crazy, it is totally worth it when she is done. 100%+ put together; where, I am a lite packer and puts zero thought into outfit (okay, maybe 15%), but it shows. Who's the one turning heads in OLDER sister. =)


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