Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wait! Let me cover my ears!!

Hear No Evil
Photo taken by Syd (my youngest)

I am by no means a prude. hee hee....I always thought that was a funny word and it's even funnier when you say it out loud...prude, prude, prude.... reminds me of prunes......hahahaha...ok, let me compose myself.

Now, as I was saying, I am by no means a prude (chuckle chuckle), defined as:
-a person who is excessively or priggishly attentive to propriety or decorum - Merriam-Webster (Priggishly? Really? Am I the only one who grinds their teeth when a simple definition search turns into a treasure hunt?)
-a person who is or claims to be easily shocked by matters relating to sex or nudity - Google

I'm perfectly okay with songs that might use explicit words or videos that might be somewhat risqué, but why is it that recently, I find my ears shouting UGH!!!! Stop it!.......Turn it off!

Perhaps, I'm getting too sensitive or maybe I'm just getting old or could it be that some people are given just a little too much leeway?

I recently attended a fundraiser for our schools, one that I have gone to for many, many moons and I have always enjoyed myself. But, this year, I left feeling slightly appalled. It wasn't the event that got my knickers in a bunch, but rather the DJ.

Here we are on the dance floor....parents, teachers and school administrators boppin' and dancing (if you can call it that) and having fun. Then the DJ, who mistakenly thought he was the next Ryan Seacrest, starts to do his thing. At first it was typical DJ blather, but as the night progressed, so did his comments.

He went from "men....put your tie around your ladies neck" to "ladies, I want to see you butts making circles" to "men grab your stuff"......Ewww.....Yuck!!!!!..... I really don't need that image in my head... I even recall him using the "B" word.....HELLO? This is a school event! Am I right in being somewhat disgusted with that? Or, maybe I'm just getting old.

So, that was Friday. Fast forward to Wednesday morning...

Now, when it comes to radio stations, I am a station hopper....why? Because I love music. I prefer not to listen to radio personalities who talk just for the sake of talking and who like to sensationalize current events. I do, however, enjoy talk radio that is truly informative, such as WNYC, but I only subject my kids to that on occasion.

Moving on.....

This morning, as I was driving my fourteen year old daughter to school, we had the pop/hit radio station on. We were singing and humming along from one song to another, then the music stopped and the commentators started their usual morning banter.

Normally, I would start flipping channels, but today I was too tired. I was half listening, trying to concentrate on the traffic, until I heard them discussing that  Rhianna had posed topless and how they wouldn't mind seeing it or posing topless themselves....OMG!.....fumble, fumble....ugh....I almost swerved off the road trying to change the channel before my daughter fully understood what they were talking about. Seriously? Do they need to say things like that on a radio station? Am I the only one who finds this stuff annoying and ridiculous?

Maybe I am too sensitive, maybe I am getting old......maybe, I am becoming a priggish, prudish old nilly.

Needless to say, from now on, we will be listening to my iPod in the car.....or to WNYC.

What are your thoughts? Has this happened to you?

Wait...... before you answer, let me cover my ears.


  1. I really love that picture, it's really cute!!

    1. Thanks Nikki! This was on my phone....courtesy of my youngest daughter. Thank you for stopping over and commenting. I will definitely by dropping by your blog.

  2. Hi there! Saw you on Bloggy moms and followed you via GFC. Cant wait to read more of your posts! And yes! I find myself being way more conservative now that I have a munchkin. Ps. What was wrong with that Dj!

    1. Thanks Alvina for dropping by. Isn't strange how we change once we have kids....I think the DJ thought he was at a different type of event. LOL.

  3. I think you are totally right in thinking what you are thinking. I just told Randy, my husband, that I was shocked at what they can get away with on the radio and TV these days....certain words and just that type of stuff.

    1. Now that I posted this, I'm hearing things left and right on the radio that I can't believe they are allowed to say. The problem is someone is allowing them...they are like kids....they push the envelope.

  4. Hello
    I'm visiting from Paula's hop. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm your newest follower. Hope you will visit my log and hopefully want to follow back.

    1. Thanks Angel, I just stopped by and I'm your newest follower.

  5. Music these days is pretty over the top...
    Thanks for sharing for WW :)


    1. I agree.....they are definitely a bit wild.....Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Well you have a great name and a great take on things and now you have a new follower! :-)

    1. You have a great name too! I'm glad you stopped by......thanks for following.


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