Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lyrics to Love

As I sit here and watch the snow fall, I think of how beautiful life is.

Too often in this world, we find ourselves face to face with heartache and pain. We get lost in the maze of life and don't realize we haven't taken a breath until we are at the brink of drowning.

When I feel hope is lost or beyond my reach....when I feel that my voice will only be met by my echo...when I feel that my hands can not reach out and help....I take comfort in this song.

These lyrics are beautiful. Can you guess the artist?

If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all OK
And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these

I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear

My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken

Poverty stole your golden shoes
It didn't steal your laughter
And heartache came to visit me
But I knew it wasn't ever after

We'll fight, not out of spite
For someone must stand up for what's right
'Cause where there's a man who has no voice
There ours shall go singing

chorus x1

In the end only kindness matters
In the end only kindness matters
I will get down on my knees, and I will pray (x3)

chorus x2

We are never broken
We are God's eyes
God's hands
God's mind
We are God's eyes
God's hands
God's heart
We are God's eyes
God's hands
God's eyes
We are God's hands
We are God's hands

Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Turner

Hands by Jewel

What song do you take comfort in? What lifts your spirits and makes you feel renewed?


  1. Isn't it always beautiful when the first snow of the season falls? Ok, every bit of snow is awesome, but the first time is magic :-) Sometimes we just seem to need a reminder to stop, breath, and be thankful for what we have. I had a moment like that today when our car broke down, of all things. Thanks for sharing the song lyrics; the text is beautiful, minus the "God" part.. you know, being atheist and stuff...

    1. I love the pristine beauty of freshly fallen snow....a nice reminder to enjoy the beauty of life. Thanks so much for you input and for reading! I really appreciate it.


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