Friday, March 8, 2013

Hip - Hip - VAWA !!

Ok, so I had coffee at 9pm and I'm wired! I just got off the phone with my girlfriend and I was lying in bed thinking....I can't sleep....I want to post something about VAWA.

Last week, as I was driving (what else do I do but drive and blog these days), I heard the news that VAWA was passed and I just wanted to scream Yeah! 

V.A.W.A. = Violence Against Woman Act - enacted in 1994 under the leadership of then-Senator Joe Biden. VAWA Fact Sheet

Just today, President Obama signed the law that Congress passed last week, revitalizing the Violence Against Woman Act.

VAWA, was up for it's third renewal in 2011, when it was put on the back burner due to bickering in Washington. Can't we just all get along?'re turning blue....don't hold your breath!

Now, in case you didn't know, as the Presidential election approached, bipartisan discord regarding the expanded protection the Act would provide for gays and lesbians, Native Americans and illegal immigrants became the crux of the matter.  Democrats did this.....Republicans did said this....he said that.... UGH!!!!

So, while Congress hashed it out, the poor little bill (I keep picturing "Bill" from Sesame Street sitting on the steps) sat.....and waited....and waited....and....waited....tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

Advocates for the bill and survivors of domestic violence continued to rally for their cause, providing studies/evidence from the Justice Department that showed how violence against women and girls has dropped since it's inception.

After much delay, the House Republicans capitulated and finally passed the bill 286-138 last week.

And that is that....see, we can get things accomplished in Washington if we all just learned to play nice.

Well, this is just a little happy side blog that I wanted to post before I went to bed.

Now, I'm going to try and sleep.....yeah, I don't think so....note to self no more coffee after 4pm!


  1. Glad the Bill finally was renewed! And I'm sharing your coffee pain. Just had my *irresponsible* second cup of the day and am dreading bed-time.

    1. I'm very happy this passed. I just saw Girl Rising - makes us realize how luck we are, but we must keep in mind to make the world even better and safer for women.


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